The iron work we supply can be used for a variety of purposes to enhance each season in your garden. As they are a movable structures they can be used to bring colour to a shady part of the plot or placed on a patio to create a visual effect.

Our multi planter is used as a focal point either on your patio or in other parts of your garden. It puts all the baskets in one place so that watering can be achieved with greater ease.

The iron work is designed to have as little maintenance as possible and is long lasting. The need to repaint can often be delayed to five or six years depending on the conditions.

Our taller items add structure and depth to your garden and are architecturally decorative.

We also offer a bespoke service further details of which are in the services section of the website.

We strive to offer a professional service that prides itself on prompt delivery and good customer relations whilst maintaining the individuality of hand crafted British products.